Pitch Deck Ideas101

How To Use All Your Sources

Pitch Decks are one of the most important aspects of startup presentations. If you’re not familiar with what it’s all about, this post will be a great introduction to the basics. It includes tips on how to set up your pitch and design presentation slides that get noticed.

*Design an attractive display for all your material- A good way to do this is by using bright colors and images related to your company or product. When setting up someone else’s slideshow, always keep in mind what they want their audience members know about them beyond just what they are presenting at that moment.*

Pitch Decks

*Do not use more than five words per line- You may think you have something worth saying but if it does not fit in a single line, it’s not worth saying. In fact, you should probably just edit out the words that don’t make sense.*

*Use bullet points to emphasize important points- You may be used to bulleted lists from email or online shopping sites and this is why they are so effective as an attention getter for your presentation content. They work great on slides too because viewers know who owns each point and what they have to say about it without having to read through everything.

*Make every word count- One way of doing this is by using strong verbs with action oriented language. For example: “We offer” instead of “Here are some things we provide”. It will help people understand what value you bring to the table and why they should be interested in listening to your pitch.*

*Use bright colors sparingly- You want people’s attention, not their eye strain. Don’t use too many different colors on a slide or you’ll end up with an unpleasant looking presentation that will turn viewers off rather than entice them to listen for more *