The Forbidden Secret of Leadership

How to Manage Every Project

The worst thing you can do to yourself is take on too much responsibility. Yes, leadership means taking the reins and being accountable for your team’s success–but that doesn’t mean every task needs to be yours, so learn more about leadership from these posts and you can find them here. Figure out what tasks are best delegated so you’re not stuck doing everything yourself. Remember: Not everyone is cut out for a CEO or COO position! You need to delegate some of your work in order help others grow into their own roles as well. Besides, it’ll make life easier when deadlines loom and an extra set of hands would really come in handy.

How To Become an Excellent Leader; Project Managementan article about running a small company.

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Learn about your coworkers and figure out what they’re good at. Then, delegate tasks to them! How to delegate tasks? One way is to start by asking them if they have any ideas for how they could do a task. It’s also helpful to ask what tasks are most important, which ones can wait until later, and anything else you think might be relevant to the conversation.

Notice how I said “figure out what tasks are best delegated.” That means there should always be some sort of business logic behind your decision-making process! You’re not just assigning random items; instead, look at each item on its own merits and decide whether it aligns with whatever goals or targets you’ve set earlier in the project.

Finally, remember that delegation doesn’t necessarily mean completely handing over responsibility: Instead, delegate part of the responsibility while still taking control as much as you can.

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