Are Wellness Supplements Good For You?

Everything You Need To Know About Wellness Supplements

A lot of people are wondering if wellness supplements are good for them. What does the science say? Are they safe? Can you trust their manufacturers? How to pick a supplement that is right for you, and what ingredients to look out for on labels? The offers many different supplements, but before you decide to use them, make sure to contact your doctor!

Wellness supplements are a booming industry that is estimated to be worth over $80 billion dollars. However, the science on whether or not they actually work and how good of an idea it is to take them remains inconclusive at best.


For a start, there is a lack of good quality clinical studies on the subject. There are some trials that show benefits, but they tend to be small and poorly designed. In addition, most companies do not disclose their ingredients lists or put them through any testing for efficacy or safety before releasing them onto the market.

What can you trust? Wellness supplements should only be taken if medically necessary under doctor’s supervision (for example in cases where deficiencies exist). The rest of us would probably want to avoid spending money on products that may cause more harm than good. So what about those positive claims made by supplement manufacturers? Should we take these at face value?

In many cases, absolutely not! Every year new miracle weight loss pills hit the market with big claims and promises. Many of them are based on one study that was poorly designed in the first place (for example, a small sample size or short term trial) or even worse – outright fabricated to sell more product!