Kagera Christian Training College

Kagera Christian Training College (KCTC)

KCTC is the only training resource for the Dioceses of Kagera and Lweru. It undertakes the vital training of evangelists as the power base of all local parish churches.

In 2011 it expanded to also provide full ministerial training in the form of a three year Diploma in Theology. This is using the Tanzanian National Curriculam and prepares students for a Bachelor of Theology. Prior to this, candidates needed to travel hundreds of miles away or even to go abroad to undertake a Diploma in Theology.


The campus is basic and is in need of many more resources.  The greatest needs are for new buildings for accomodation and for more books in the library, especially in Swahili.

KTCTC StudentThe Vision

Kagera Diocese is in the northwest corner of Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi to the west and Uganda to the north. Even though it was divided into two some years ago it is still over 200kms from north to south and mostly extremely rural and remote.

But the Church is growing fast! Many of the parish churches are having to expand in size to accommodate all those who want to attend, and more are joining all the time, both converts and those whose family faith is being revitalised.

Their faith is both lively (as anyone will know who has attended their services!) and practical: during the Rwanda civil war of 1994, for instance, it was the churches of Kagera that first opened their doors and gave sacrificial support to the thousands of refugees (long before other agencies were able to be mobilised).

A primary need of the church is for this growth to be sustained with adequate pastoral and theological provision. Unlike this country, where most people can read and have access to alternative sources of education and knowledge, in the Kagera Region, it depends almost entirely on people in the parish.

And that is where KCTC comes in.

Our statment of faith:
At KCTC we believe that "sound ministry is the product of sound Biblical teaching".
Our mission: is to offer sound Biblical teaching to those we send out for ministry.

The Need

QuoteIn most cases ordained ministers are responsible for a considerable number of parishes, often separated by long distances through difficult terrain; and they don't have cars.

Front-line care for the churches is thus the responsibility of people they call evangelists. On an entirely voluntary basis, and with the need to support themselves and their families out of usually barely subsistence level resources, these people are the real engines of the churches in Kagera. They are licensed by the diocese after a period of six months of full-time residential training at KCTC. They receive teaching in Biblical study and doctrine as well as various practical skills.

However, as can be imagined, with no form of alternative support, this training is immensely costly to them and their families; fees need to be paid and family life has to go on as well. Usually they cannot themselves meet this need unaided.

KCTC serves both Kagera and the neighbouring diocese in providing this training and it urgently needs help for those in training and for its own developing needs.


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